Rental fee

Product Weekly Charge Monthly Charge
Manual Wheel Chair 18”-20” $40 $120
Manual Wheel Chair 22”-24” $45 $150
Elevating Leg Rest * Each $10 $40
Reclining Wheel Chair $100 $200
Transport Chair $40 $120

Wheel Chair

A transport wheelchair is designed to only be propelled by another individual and is sometimes referred to as a companion chair. Transport chairs have four small wheels instead of two small and two large. They come in different widths and weight capacities and are usually the same basic frame as a standard manual wheelchair. The biggest advantage of a transport wheelchair is that it is very light weight (around 18-19 lb) and very portable

  • Comes standard with swing away leg rests
  • Elevating leg rest are available for $10/ week or $40/month

Manual Wheelchairs/Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs

Regular = Weight up to 250 lbs

Standard manual wheelchairs are the most frequently used wheelchair. Standard wheelchairs weigh over 35 lbs. without the front riggings, have a seat width and depth between 16 and 20 inches, and have fixed or detachable armrests. They have of two small and two large wheels. Almost all standard wheelchairs can support up to 250 lbs.

lightweight wheelchairs covers a wide range of needs and uses. They also come in aluminum or titanium and weight around 19 lb. Light weight wheelchairs are available on request.

  • Comes standard with swing away leg rests
  • Elevating leg rest are available for $10/ week or $40/month

Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs

Weight Over 250lbs

The Bariatric manual wheelchairs are for individuals weighing over 250 lbs. The seat width starts from 20" and weight capacity of up to 600lbs. Comes standard with swing away leg rests and removable desk length padded armrests. Double-embossed vinyl upholstery is durable, easy to clean and flame retardant.

  • Comes standard with swing away leg rests

Additional options that could be rented are gel seat cushions. 2” foam cushions, lumbar support and Wheelchair trays. Please call and inquire about your requirements and we’ll be glad to help you in whatever way possible.